Saturday, December 5, 2015

Greek Torpedo

     Greek Torpedo!
     Torpedo Sandwiches are almost the same as a Sub Sandwich. Not many sandwich shops use the word Torpedo on the menu board anymore, so hopefully today's recipe will help keep this sandwich style from fading into the past.  
     For a Torpedo, the crusty baguette is not as wide as a regular sub roll.  To make the Torpedo shape, only one end of the baguette is trimmed off.  The round end gives the sandwich its torpedo shape.
     The best place to find lunch meats and cheese for a Greek Torpedo is at a Greek delicatessen.  The choice of Greek deli meats and cheese is really up to the individual.  Just about any combination of Greek lunch meats will create a nice flavor.
     The cheese on today's Greek Torpedo is a mild Kefalograviera.  Kefalograviera is a sheep's milk cheese that tastes almost like Italian Romano Cheese.
     Ajvar was used as the bread spread on today's sandwich.  Ajvar vegetable spread is popular in Greece and the Balkan region.  Ajvar is made with minced sweet red bell pepper, eggplant, garlic and mild peppers.  Fresh Ajvar can be made in a home kitchen, but it is much more cost effective to buy a jar of pre-made Ajvar.
     Greek Torpedo Sandwich:  
     This recipe yields 1 hearty Greek Torpedo.
     One rounded end on a thin baquette is what gives this sandwich its torpedo shape.
     For a 10" Torpedo, about 2 ounces of each meat and cheese will be enough to give the Torpedo Sandwich an old fashioned 1960's look.  
     Step 1:  Cut an 8" to 10" end piece of thin baguette bread loaf.  The bread should have 1 round end and 1 square cut end.
     Cut the bread in half lengthwise.
     Step 2:  Spread a thin layer of ajvar on the bottom half of the torpedo bread.
     Step 3:  Place a thin layer of baby lettuce leaves on the ajvar.
     Place a layer of thin sliced tomato on the lettuce.
     Sprinkle some chopped bermuda onion over the tomato layer.
     Step 4:  Place a layer of thin sliced kefalograviera cheese over the onions and tomatoes.
     Step 5:  Overlap a few thin slices of Bolshevic Loaf over the cheese.  (Bolshevic Loaf is an Indiana specialty that is marketed at Greek delicatessens.  Any head cheese can be substituted.)
     Overlap thin slices of soppressata over the bolshevic head cheese.
     Overlap thin slices of Greek style cured beef sausage (lovcka) over the soppressata.
     Place a few thin slices of svinjski vrat (cured smoked pork neck) over the sausage.
     Step 6:  Place some thin sliced Greek peppers on the meats.
     Step 7:  Drizzle 1 tablespoon of virgin olive oil on the top half of the torpedo bread.
     Sprinkle 1 pinch of oregano on the oil.
     Step 8:  Place the torpedo bread top on the sandwich and pin the sandwich with long frill picks.
     Set the Greek Torpedo on a plate.
     Garnish the plate with pickles, olives or fruit.
     This is a delicious Torpedo!  

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