Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Jersey Hangover Dog

     A New Jersey Style Hangover Cure!
     When I was the chef at a pub in Florida for a couple of years, I had a decent contract that included a large apartment on top of the restaurant.  My roommate was a big guy from New Jersey and he was also the day cook at the pub.  The cook from New Jersey had 6 brothers from and they all came to town from New Jersey for a family get together.  The 7 brothers were notorious for wild times while drinking all night long when they got together
     When the 7 brothers stumbled back into the apartment at 7:30 in the morning after the all night drinking binge, the brother that was my roommate started raving about the Hangover Dogs they used to make when they all lived in New Jersey.  He was making a big deal about how they just had to make the Jersey style Hangover Dogs, for old times sake.
     All the brothers started talking about the cheese egg hot dogs they used to make back home in New Jersey, then next thing you know, because I was sober I was volunteered to go to the local convenience store to purchase the items for a batch of Hangover Dogs for breakfast.  One of the brothers was screaming from the bathroom "Make sure that you get Coney Dogs!  Its gotta be New York Coney style hot dogs!  Nothing else!"  My roommate laughed and said "You heard the man!"
     As soon as I opened the door after I came back from the store, the brother who was the cook grabbed the food from my hands and said "Get out of the way!  I am on a Hangover Dog breakfast cooking mission!"  I just had to laugh, because these guys were so serious about this hangover cure breakfast.
     I looked at what the roommate was cooking and I thought to myself that these guys are half nuts.  Sliced hot dogs, eggs, cheese, peppers and onions on a hot dog bun with ketchup?  When sober, that really does not sound like much of a breakfast to look forward to, but after drinking all night long a Jersey Hangover Dog probably sounded pretty good.
     After the vittles were cooked, he hungover brothers were stuffing one hot dog and egg sandwich after another into their mouths, like they had never seen food before!  I have to admit, the breakfast sandwich tasted pretty good in the morning.
     I never did try to sell the sandwich as a breakfast item in a restaurant, but I did make the sandwich one time when I was hungover after a celebration night.  I must say, the Jersey Hangover Dog breakfast does help to clear up a hangover, but so does almost any kind of palatable morning food.
     The best thing about the New Jersey Hangover Dog was that this breakfast was meant to be eaten with bare hands.  There seems to be a recessive prehistoric trait in modern human beings that triggers satisfaction from eating finger food in the morning when hungover.  The New Jersey Hangover Dog is about as good as a breakfast hot dog can get!
     New Jersey Hangover Dog:
     This recipe yields Jersey 1 Hangover Dog!
     Step 1:  Heat a non-stick sauté pan over medium/medium low heat.
     Warm the hot dog bun in the dry pan and then set it on a plate.
     Step 2:  Add 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter to the hot pan.
     Add 1 New York Coney Island Style Nathan's Hot Dog that is cut into bite size slices.
     Add 1 tablespoon of each of these small chopped vegetables:
     - onion
     - green bell pepper
     - red bell pepper
     Sauté till the sliced hot dog is lightly browned.
     Step 3:  Add 1 whisked egg.
     Immediately add 3 tablespoons of grated cheddar cheese.
     Add sea salt and black pepper to taste.
     Stir and scramble till the egg is fully cooked and the cheese melts.
     Step 4:  Remove the pan from the heat.
     Spoon the hot dog and cheese egg mixture onto the warm hot dog bun.
     Squirt some ketchup streaks over the cheese egg and hot dog mixture on the sandwich.
     The New Jersey Hangover Dog is a great hangover cure.  There is something about the comfortable junk food flavors in this breakfast sandwich that satisfies morning cravings that are associated with excessive alcohol consumption! 

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