Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Philly Lamb Cheese Steak

     Gourmet Cheese Steak!
     Philadelphia is where Cheese Steaks originated.  Thin sliced beef, onions, provolone cheese or Cheese Whiz and a Hoagie Roll is all that it is needed to make a standard Cheese Steak.  Peppers, mushrooms, tomato sauce and many other ingredients are options that cost extra.
     Many Philly Cheese Steak shops offer a Chicken Cheese Steak as an alternative to beef.  Chicken Cheese Steaks are tasty too.  Other than chicken, any other alternative meat is rarely seen on a Cheese Steak shop menu.  When considering that everything from lamb to nearly any kind of wild game is available at food markets these days, the world of gourmet meat Cheese Steaks is wide open.
     Of all the alternative Cheese Steak meat options to choose from, lamb is a good choice for a start.  Lamb appeals to many cultures worldwide.  People that savor the thought of roast leg of lamb will surely enjoy a good Lamb Cheese Steak!
     Upon request, a butcher can partially freeze a boneless leg of lamb and cut paper thin slices with a meat slicer.  A cook with good knife skills can do the same thing.  There is an easier way to get paper thin sliced leg of lamb.  Asian food markets and Korean food markets sell packages of a wide variety of paper thin sliced meats for making Bulgogi and Korean BBQ.
     I purchased 1 pound of paper thin sliced lamb at the butcher shop in a Korean food market for a very reasonable price.  That was enough to make a Lamb Cheese Steak and a big Lamb Steak Burrito!
     If you like lamb, then you will surely like today's Philly Lamb Cheese Steak recipe.  As everybody knows, garlic goes well with lamb and this creates a great tasting gourmet alternative meat Cheese Steak flavor!
     Philly Lamb Cheese Steak:
     This recipe yields 1 hearty large Lamb Cheese Steak Sandwich.  
     Step 1:  Heat a cast iron griddle over medium/medium low heat.
     Pour 1 tablespoon of blended olive oil on the griddle.
     Add 1/3 cup of thin sliced onion strips.
     Add 1/3 cup of thin sliced green bell pepper strips.
     Add 4 coarse chopped garlic cloves.
     Grill the vegetables till they just start to become tender.
     Step 2:  Place 8 ounces of paper thin sliced raw leg of lamb on the griddle.
     Season with sea salt and black pepper.
     Add 3 pinches of oregano.
     Step 3:  Use two steel spatulas to tear and shred the thinly sliced lamb into small pieces while it cooks.
     Step 4:  Stir and toss the ingredients together occasionally
     Grill the lamb cheese steak meat till it is lightly browned and fully cooked.  (The onions and peppers should finish cooking at the same time.)
     Step 5:  Use a spatula to mound the meat and vegetable mixture across the middle of the griddle.
     Place 3 or 4 thin slices of provolone cheese on the cheese steak meat.
     Step 6:  Pour about 3 tablespoons of water over the meat and cheese.
     Allow steam to melt the cheese.   Let any excess water evaporate.
     Step 7:  Split open a 10" long sub roll.
     Use a spatula to place the cheese steak mixture into the open sub sandwich roll.
     Step 8:  Place the Lamb Cheese Steak on a plate.
     Garnish the plate with parsley sprigs and pickles.  (Persian Pickled Wild Cucumber and Pickled Pink Turnips are a nice choice.)
     The aroma of garlic, oregano, peppers, onions, lamb and provolone cheese is too good to resist!  This is a great tasting Philly Lamb Cheese Steak!

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