Saturday, February 20, 2016

Miso Honey 'Rooburger

     A Miso Honey Glazed Kangaroo Burger!
     Kangaroo ('Roo) has become a popular alternative meat during the the last few decades.  Kangaroo meat is very lean and it contains only 2% fat!  Kangaroo is a clean, disease free, farmed wild game meat..  Kangaroo meat is so clean, that Aboriginal Natives used to drink the blood of Kangaroo to quench their thirst in the arid outback.
     Because Kangaroo meat is so clean and lean, it should be cooked no more than medium rare.  The meat has to be brushed with oil or butter, so that it does not stick to a chargrill.
     Wild game meat and alternative farmed wild game meat definitely fits into the street food scene.  In America, vendors set up food tents and push carts at carnival and county fair events.  People that attend these events are out to have a good time and try some weird fun new food that they cannot find anywhere else.
     Down in Florida, Gator Burgers are a good selling carnival item.  Out west, Buffalo Burgers are a hot item.  In Texas, Rattlesnake Chili is a popular item at the roundup.  Where does Kangaroo fit in to the scene?  Kangaroo has the potential to be the ultimate alternative meat carnival food, because these bouncing animals naturally inspire funny thoughts.  When people see the word Kangaroo on a street food tent, the first reaction is to say "Boing!  Boing!  Boing!"      
     In the street food vending game, the crazier the name of a food product, the better it will sell.  Miso Honey 'Rooburger is a catchy name.  Everybody remembers the "Oh ... Me so horny" lyric from the classic 2 Live Crew rap band days.  The words "Miso Honey" can be twisted in a similar way.  Yes, a hoppin' good funny name does sell!
     Miso Honey Glaze: 
     This recipe yields about 1/2 cup.  (Enough to glaze 3 to 3 burgers.)
     Miso paste must be cooked over low heat or the flavor will change in a negative way! 
     Step 1:  Heat a small sauce pot over medium low heat.
     Add 1/2 teaspoon of blended sesame oil.
     Add 1 minced garlic clove.
     Add 1/2 teaspoon of ginger paste.
     Gently sauté till the garlic and ginger becomes fragrant.  (About 10 seconds.)
     Step 2:  Add 3/4 cup of water.
     Add 2 tablespoons of miso paste.
     Add 2 tablespoons of honey.
     Add 1 teaspoon of thin soy sauce.
     Add 1 pinch of ground Szechuan Pepper.
     Add 1 small pinch of cayenne pepper.
     Add 2 pinches of sea salt.
     Step 3:  Whisk till the ingredients are blended.
     Step 4:  Reduce the temperature to low heat.  
     Gently simmer and reduce till the excess moisture evaporates and the sauce is a medium thick consistency that easily glazes a spoon.
     Keep the miso honey glaze warm on a stove top.
     Miso Honey 'Rooburger: 
     This recipe yields 1 Kangaroo Burger.
     Kangaroo Burger Patties are very lean, so they cook quickly.  It is best to do a "burger setup plate" before cooking the burger patty.
     Step 1:  Heat a cast iron ribbed griddle or chargrill over medium/medium high heat.
     Cut a hamburger bun in half.
     Lightly brush the burger bun with melted unsalted butter.
     Place the hamburger bun on the grill, till it is toasted and grill marks appear.
     Step 2:  Place the burger bun on a plate.
     Garnish the burger roll with:
     - leaf lettuce
     - sliced tomato
     - thin sliced Bermuda Onion
     Garnish the plate with parsley sprigs and Bread 'n' Butter Pickle Chips.
     Set the hamburger "setup plate aside."
     Step 3:  Press 6 ounces of ground Kangaroo Meat into a hamburger patty shape.
     Step 4:  Brush both sides of the kangaroo burger patty with vegetable oil.
     Brush the hot grill with vegetable oil.
     Step 5:  Place the kangaroo burger on the grill.
     Season the burger with sea salt and black pepper.
     Grill the 'Rooburger on both sides till grill marks appear and the burger is cooked to slightly less than the desired finish temperature.  (Rare to medium is best.)
     Step 6:  Generously brush the 'Rooburger with the Miso Honey Glaze.
     Flip the burger and brush it with glaze again.
     Grill the burger till the glaze heats and the burger is cooked to the desired finish temperature.
     Step 7:  Place the Miso Honey 'Rooburger on the burger bun on the "setup plate."
     Brush the 'Rooburger one last time with a generous amount of Miso Honey Glaze.    
     Kangaroo has a nice mild wild game flavor that is perfect for a honey sweetened miso glaze.  Kangaroo is much milder tasting than deer or lamb.  'Roo is hoppin' yummy to eat!  

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