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Halloween Candy Zombie Fingers, Bones and Bloody Brain Lollypops ~ Candy Melts Product Example

     Wilton Candy Melt Product Example 
     Homemade candies, gummies, candy apples, caramel apples and popcorn balls are an old American Halloween tradition.  Hand crafted Halloween sweet treats always get plenty of compliments at Halloween parties.
     In modern times, the problem with making Halloween treats is convenience and experience.  Not every home cook is an experienced confectioner.  Those who have little candy making experience will not only have to figure a candy recipe out, they will also have to learn candy making techniques on the spot.  The time involved with a candy making project can be more than doubled if the project turns out to be a learning experience.
     Another problem is "biting off more than one can chew."  Some candy recipes are quite complicated and if the project does not turn out like it is supposed to, then frustration sets in.  One disappointing experience can put an end to candy making ideas altogether.  For beginners, it is better to accomplish a simple project, rather than take on a complex project that may lead to failure.
     Today's Candy Making Product Example features Wilton Candy Melts.  This convenient product is good for beginners that just want to have fun making candy, without having to learn confectioner techniques.  
     The Wilton Candy Melts product is not really chocolate, but the finished candies look like chocolate.  Wilton Candy Melts can be described as being a solidified glacage.  The Candy Melt glacage is a stabilized emulsion of vegetable oil, whey, milk solids, soy lecithin and/or arabic gum.  The flavors and colors of the Candy Melts can be natural or artificial.

     Weighing the benefits and drawbacks is the best way to determine whether this product is worth the money spent.

     The Benefits:
     • Wilton Candy Melts are a convenience.  A home cook can make well over 100 pieces of Halloween candy in two hours time.
     • Wilton Candy Melts easily melt in a double boiler at 115ºF and it solidifies like chocolate when it is chilled.
     • Wilton Candy Melts are available in several flavors and colors. 
     • The price is about half the price of chocolate.   
     • As long as there is adult assistance, this product is relatively safe for children to use. 
     • Any kind of candy making molds, fancy ice cube molds or chocolate molds can be used with this product.

     The Drawbacks:
     • Expense.
     • Artificial ingredients and colors.
     • Contains saturated fats.
     • Candy Melts are a vegetable oil based product that is not compatible with water based substances, like standard food colors.
     • Some gel or icing products will not adhere to the Candy Melts.
     • The flavor of Candy Melts tastes like extra sweet hardened cake frosting.  The flavor tastes nothing like chocolate.  

     Candy Melts come in a variety of colors and the colors can easily be combined to create custom tints.  The manufacturer only recommends mixing different Candy Melts colors and nothing else.  The problem is that purchasing extra bags of Candy Melt just for the color will raise the expense of the project.
     Because Wilton Candy Melts are an oil based candy product, water base food colors should only be used to very lightly tint the melted candy.  Adding one or two drops of food color is okay, but anything more than a couple of drops will result in candy that will never harden when chilled.
     Using Wilton Candy Melts To Make Halloween Candies:
     Step 1:  Select a variety of Halloween candy molds.  Zombie Finger, Bones and Bloody Brain Molds are a nice choice.  Plastic or silicone chocolate molds work best.  Lollypop Molds require Lollypop Sticks. 
     Step 2:  Imagine what colors will be needed and purchase the corresponding Wilton Candy Melts Colors.
     *Or just purchase White Candy Melts and use a few drops of food color!  If not too much liquid food color is added, then the Candy Melts will still solidify when the cool.    
     Step 3:  Follow the directions on the package for melting the Candy Melts.  The Candy Melts will melt at the same temperature as chocolate, so they are safe to use with plastic candy molds.
     Step 4:  Spoon or pour the melted Candy Melts into a candy mold.  Smooth the surface.
     Step 5:  Chill in a refrigerator till the candy hardens.
     Pop the candy out of the molds.
     Trim off any flash or rough edges.
     Step 6:  Decorate and present the finished candies.
     *Since this product review is all about convenience, purchasing small tubes of manufactured cake decorating gel is a good choice.  Betty Crocker Brand cake decorating gels will adhere to the finished Candy Melts.  Black gel was used to to paint the fingernails on the zombie fingers.  Red gel was dripped like blood on the zombie fingers in the pictures above.  A latex glove was used to smear red gel on the Zombie Brain Pops and the bone candy.

     Overall, I recommend Wilton Candy Melts for those who are looking for convenience.  This product is good for those who just want to have fun making cool Halloween candy.  This product also helps children develop creative skills.
     The Wilton Website offers classrooms and tutorials that explain the candy making process.  For more information about Wilton Candy Melts products, follow this link:  Wilton - Candy Melts   

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