Monday, June 12, 2017

Lightning Strikes Twice Ice Cream Float

     Ice Cream Making 
     Making home mad ice cream is fairly easy to do.  When I was a kid, we used the old fashion hand powered gear driven ice cream maker, a bunch of ice and rock salt to churn ice cream outdoors in the summertime.  After making a few batches of ice cream the hard way, the parents bought a cheap ice cream maker that had an electric motor.  The motor was so weak, that the ice cream always ended up being like fast food soft serve stuff that melts quickly.  Making ice cream with that weak machine was only about as good as making milkshakes.
     I recently got a Brevelle small batch ice cream machine that can be run fully automated or it can be programmed manually.  So far, I have made a few nice new ice cream flavors that are rather unique.      
     Moonshine Cherry is an ice cream flavor that I created with the Breville Frozen Dessert Machine.  The ice cream was made with Ole' Smokey Moonshine Cherries, which are 100 Proof, so the Moonshine Cherry Ice Cream is only for those of legal age.  It did take a little bit of thought to figure out how to retain the alcohol content, without having the alcohol melt the ice cream.  I used pectin to make a low temperature Moonshine Cherry Jelly.  Then the chilled 100 Proof Moonshine Cherry Jelly was added to the ice cream as it churned through the soft stage.  The Moonshine Cherry Ice Cream withstood the test of time.  After the ice cream was stored in the freezer for two weeks, the alcohol did not separate and the ice cream did not soften.    
     The Moonshine Cherry Ice Cream was designed for making gourmet floats.  This ice cream is soft like Italian Gelato, so it melts with the cold soda over a period of about 20 to 25 minutes, which is just right for comfort's sake.  Moonshine Cherry Ice Cream does contain alcohol, so today's ice cream float is not for children or expectant mothers to be. 
     Jolt Cola is a specialty soft drink that contains double the amount of caffeine.  The caffeine is natural and it is not a chemical derivative.  Jolt used to be made with cane sugar and no corn syrup, but I am not sure about what kind of sweetener is used, since a new bottling company now produces Jolt Cola.  Jolt Cola is a good tasting soda and Jolt Cola does have a loyal following.  This soda has a history of getting banned by retailers, states and countries around the globe.  This adds to the Jolt Cola mystique!    
     Part of the street food game is to give a product a flashy name.  This is especially true, as far as sundries are concerned.  Moonshine is also known as White Lightning.  The Jolt Cola label always has a lightning bolt logo.  The two kinds of lightning give credence to the Lightning Strikes Twice Ice Cream Float!      

     Moonshine Cherry Ice Cream:
     Moonshine Cherry Ice Cream does contain alcohol, so please serve and consume responsibly.  Two scoops equals a fairly stiff drink.  Follow the link to the recipe in this website.

     Lightning Strikes Twice Ice Cream Float:
     This recipe yields 1 adult ice cream float.
     This float does contain alcohol!
     Marjoram is a pleasant aromatic herb that has a luxurious mint and mild oregano flavor.  The marjoram garnish adds a nice aromatic effect to this ice cream float.
     12 ounce glass bottles of Jolt Cola are available where gourmet classic sodas are sold.  I found this classic soda at the Total Wine & More store.   
     Step 1:  Place 2 scoops of the Moonshine Cherry Ice Cream in an old fashioned 20 ounce capacity soda glass.  (About 3 ounces per scoop)
     Slowly pour a chilled Jolt Cola into the glass, till a foamy head appears.
     Step 2:  Place a straw in the glass.
     Place a fancy cocktail umbrella in the straw. 
     Garnish with petite marjoram sprigs.  
     Step 3:  Serve the extra Jolt Cola in the bottle on the side.
     Serve with a long handle sundae spoon on the side.

     Viola!  A Lightning Strikes Twice Ice Cream Float!  

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