Monday, July 3, 2017

Dead Red Root Beer & Thai Banana Coconut Ice Cream Float

     A Gourmet Root Beer Float!
     There are many kinds of root beer in America.  Root Beer is a classic American creation that had its beginnings in local farms back in the 1800's.  Root Beer originally was a beverage that had a very light alcohol content.  Local farmers brewed root beer for social occasions like family get togethers and cookouts.  After root beer was commercialized, this beverage became completely alcohol free, but in recent years a few craft brewers have returned hard root beer to the market.    
     The original American root beers had medicinal value.  Root Beer was a health tonic of sorts, just like Sarsaparilla.  Sassafras Root contains chemicals that create a light euphoric effect.  Root Beer flavored with Sassafras Root has a deep reddish brown color.  Other natural medicinal ingredients, like Horehound Root Bark, Birch Bark, Cherry Tree Bark, Wintergreen and Licorice Root are also found in classic root beer recipes.   
     In recent years, a few modern craft breweries and gourmet soda companies have been making some high quality root beer.  Some of the craft root beer recipes are based upon old hillbilly or Penn Dutch farm recipes.  Some of the craft root beers can be featured in recipes and if the name of the root beer is catchy, then all the better. 
     Jack Black's Dead Red Root Beer is a nice choice of gourmet root beer for making sundries.  The label logo has a pirate theme.  The reddish color is the same as an old fashioned Sassafras Root Beer.  Jack Black's Dead Red Root Beer is made with Brazilian Guarana, which packs a caffeine energy kick.  Combining this red root beer with Thai Banana Ice Cream to make a pirate style gourmet float was the natural thing to do!           
     Finding information about Jack Black's Dead Red Root Beer is not as easy as it seems.  Finding this great craft root beer on shelves at a grocery store is next to impossible too.  Modern liquor and wine stores often stock gourmet sodas.  I found bottles of Dead Red Root Beer at Total Wine & More in Las Vegas.  This root beer is also available at internet beverage stores.  A distributor website link was provided on the Dead Red Root Beer label:  Real Soda

     Thai Banana Coconut Ice Cream:
     For those who so not have an ice cream machine, select the best banana ice cream that you can find at a grocery store.  For those who make their own ice cream, follow the link to the recipe in this website.

     Dead Red Root Beer & Thai Banana Coconut Ice Cream Float:
     This recipe yields 1 ice cream float.
     Step 1:  Chill a 20 ounce soda glass.
     Step 2:  Place 2 scoops of Thai Banana Coconut Ice Cream in the chilled soda glass.  (About 3 1/2 ounces per scoop.)
     Slowly pour a chilled 12 ounce bottle Jack Black's Dead Red Root Beer over the ice cream, till a foamy head appears.
     Step 3:  Place a fancy milkshake straw in the glass.
     Spear a maraschino cherry with a fancy cocktail umbrella and place it in the straw. 
     Garnish with sprig of mint.  
     Step 4:  Serve any extra root beer in the bottle on the side.
     Serve with a long handle sundae spoon.  
     This is a great tasting pirate style ice cream float!  

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