Hot Sandwiches

Hot Sandwiches
Cheese Steaks

• Reuben Cheesesteak

• Philly Pizza Steak

• Philly Chicken Cheesesteak with Portobello and Peppers

• Cajun Chicken Cheesesteak


• Philly Lamb Cheese Steak

• Croque Monsieur of American Black Forest Ham, Mushrooms and St Agur Bleu

• Croque Madame of Smoked Turkey and Emmentaler with Szechuan Pepper Kinh Gioi Spread

Cuban Sandwich
• Cuban Sandwich

• Cuban Rachel with Jicama Slaw & Sun Dried Tomato Mustard

• Turkey, Swiss, Wasabi Jicama Slaw and Smoked Bacon Cuban Sandwich 

Grilled Sandwiches & Melts
Dill and Chile Guero Pimiento Cheese Grilled Sandwich

• Neon Tuna Melt with Roasted Red Pepper

• Cheddar Turkey Melt with Grilled Tomato and Crispy Onion Straws

• Grilled Tuna Carciofi Sandwich with Ditali Pasta Salad

Greek Spice Roast Lamb Gyro with Tzatziki Sauce

• Lebanese Gyro

Hawaiian Pipeline
• Big Kahuna Meatball Pipeline


• Roast Pork Horseshoe Sandwich!

Hot Dog Bun Snack Sandwiches
• Grilled Smoked Hog Jowl and Garlic Peppers on a Poppyseed Bun

• Buffalo Chicken Tenders & Cole Slaw on a Poppyseed Hot Dog Bun

• Za'atar Chicken Tenders and Pickled Ginger Honey Yogurt Slaw Hot Dog Bun Snack Sandwich

Maine Seafood Rolls
Maine Shrimp Roll

• The Elvis Panini!

• Panini of Roasted Beet & Red Pepper with Pickled Lemon and Emmentaler

• Smoked Turkey Panini with Emmentaler, Roasted Scallions and Brinjal

• Sourdough Panini of Poached Greek Chicken and Potatoes with Cypriot Halloumi 

Po' Boy
Blackened Catfish Nugget Po' Boy with Louisiana Remoulade

• Fried Catfish Po' Boy


• Greek Grilled Pork Sandwich

• Yellowfin Tuna Steak Reuben & Blueberry Pomegranate Vinaigrette Dandelion Salad

• Beer Batter Tilapia Reuben with Shoestring Fries

Sloppy Joe
• Sloppy Giuseppe Sandwich

Subs (Grinders)
• South Philly Style Roast Pork Sub

• Eggplant Parm Sub!

• Italian Meatball Sub


• Italian Veal and Sweet Pepper Sandwich

• Vegetable Zapiekanka & Roast Pork Zapiekanka 


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